Delivering handcrafted architectural solutions for mission critical and people focused projects.

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V Squared is a next generation architecture firm. Our passion it to create thoughtful design solutions by combining decades of experience with modern design tools and materials. Our team is ready to help you take your project from the creative spark of an idea, to the shop floor, and then on to reality.


Million square feet delivered

Our team has been innovating solutions for mission critical clients since 2004. Our toolkit has grown since then as we've continually optimized one, two, and three story designs to meet the specific requirements within each project’s constraints.


MW in design now

We strive to help our clients stay ahead of the demand curve. We draw upon hands on experience to rapidly test-fit new sites in order to keep their pipeline relevant for future demand needs.


markets served

And growing. We are licensed in and have experience working in most key datacenter states and have partnered on several projects internationally. We are attentive to AHJs, we quickly discern code, and we help to maximize our client’s ability to push bounds to better achieve their goals.

Our Work

What ever sector your needs are in, we have the expertise to help you succeed

Combining industry leading technology and hands-on design work. Our team is here to work with you.

Mission Critical

We have years of experience with the exacting power and cooling needs of Mission Critical and have helped campuses take shape, from needs analysis to commissioning.

Life Sciences

We understand how important it is to virtualize the space to help the end user visualize all systems and conditions so that conflicting needs are resolved and expectations are met before construction.

Mixed Use

Placemaking is central to the future of mixed use communities. Our team knows how to balance uses to create successful and welcoming public and private spaces.

Flex Industrial

Our leadership in flex design allows us to deliver creative, and cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of current and future users. We've taken projects from concept to market in as little as nine months.

No matter how far you have come, VSW is here to help make sure you reach the finish line.


Feasibility Studies

Our team has years of experience in every industry can help you unlock more potential within your projects. We’ve run successful studies from green field to adaptive reuse that have saved our clients millions of dollars.

Master Planning

Whether your goal is Mission Critical, Urban Infill, or School Campus, we are ready to ensure your plans are future-proof and financially viable. Our team has a passion for Architecture and Infrastructure, and we know what it will take to achieve your vision.

Test Fits

Test fits need to be quick and interactive. Our iterative strategy focuses on exploring options quantitatively and then allowing this data to help inform the design decision's path forward.

Interior Design

Our team has delivered projects that meet or exceed a wide variety of stringent program requirements and are ready to make sure your design meets the demands of any regulatory body. We have successfully delivered projects that meet GSA, NIH, IDC705, CDC BSL1-3, ANSI, USGC and many other design requirements.

Adaptive Reuse

We can help your team review assets that need an update to become market ready. By adapting existing structures for a new use, we can expand value while minimizing investment and disruption.

Building Design

VSW has experience working collaboratively with the development team to navigate constraints and approvals, creating elegant solutions for every project and site, whether hyper-focused or hyper-scale.

Value Engineering

We know that a beautiful, non-buildable design is no fun for any part of the development team. We know how to help create value and efficiency throughout the design process and then are adept at helping to resolve overages during the bidding and construction cycles.


Are you looking for new value in existing assets? Our team has found millions of rentable square feet within existing structures. We know how to maximize rental value while minimizing losses from the gross floor area, helping to create more value for your assets.

Permit & Design Repairs

Sometimes things don't go to plan. VSW is ready to step in at any point to help put your project back on track toward success. Our clients have brought our team in to help resolve constructability, code, and permit issues.

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